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Teeth get lost on occasion, and that can create a gap for us to fill. A dental bridge can fill in the gap and give you a new tooth in the place of the old one.

A dental bridge usually works as the following describes. It is created with an artificial tooth, also called a pontic, that is connected to two dental crowns on either side of it. The crowns are planted over the teeth that stand next to the empty spot, and they hold the pontic over the designated area, granting you a brand new tooth.

A dental bridge can provide a couple of benefits. Our ability to speak can be a bit hampered with even one tooth unaccounted for. Bridges help us speak as clearly as before simply by restoring a tooth.

A bridge can also hold surrounding teeth in place and stop them from shifting out of alignment. Our teeth rely on each other for support, and that support gets reduced when one get lost, causing others to slip out of position. A bridge can keep this from happening, which maintains the appearance and function of your smile.

If you ever need replace a tooth, our dentist, Dr. Vishal Kulkarni, and our team here at Deluxe Dental in Kilgore, Texas, can help you decide if a dental bridge is right for you. Please call 903-200-5111, and we will gladly provide more information and set up a consultation for you.