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Brushing our teeth can help them stay clean and help us avoid problems like gum disease and cavities. Of course, you can get the full benefits when you use the right techniques. If are uncertain if you are brushing correctly, you can review the following to see what else you can do.

– Before you start brushing, make sure you are holding the brush at a 45-degree angle, with the tip pointing at the gum line.
– As you go back and forth, try to shorten your strokes so they go about the width of your teeth.
– Scrubbing too hard can actually wear down and weaken your teeth, so try to be gentle.
– Be sure to brush along the gum line as well. Removing plaque from there can reduce the chance of developing gum disease.
– Brush every side of your teeth. The backs and tops are just as important as the fronts.
– When you reach the back side of your front teeth, you can switch to a 90-degree angle so you can brush them with an up-down motion instead of back and forth.
– Remember that you should take at least two minutes to get all your teeth. Anything less may not get you the full benefits

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